Best Home Decor Gifts 2022 - A Guide

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If you need Christmas gift inspiration that doesn't break the bank, then how about considering homewares?

With everything that's happening in the world today, it's nice to spend some time personalising our homes and making our houses into sanctuaries. So why not gift someone something beautiful, cosy, practical or funny for their home?

Here are some of the nicest and most unique home decor finds from small businesses to consider this Christmas:

1. Pearl Oyster Lamp

Pearl Oyster Lamp

2. Zodiac Crystal Candles

zodiac crystal candles

3. Sh*t Stirrer Spoon

shit stirrer spoon

4. Colourful Dried Flower Bouquet

Colourful Dried Bouquet

5. Oil & Vinegar Dispenser

Oil and Vinegar Decanter

6. Tea Lover Art Prints

tea kitchen prints

7. Velvet Cushions

velvet cushions

8. Skull Spoon Rest

spoon rest

9. Scratch Map of the World

scratch map

10. Middle Finger Candle

rude candles

11. Ceramic Citrus Juicer

ceramic citrus juicer

12. 'Love Handles' Vase

women vases

13. Jesmonite Trays

jesmonite trinket tray

14. Bamboo Bath Caddy

bath caddy

15. Mini Mushroom Bud Vase

mini mushroom vase

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